Geriatric Follow-up

Geriatrics is a field of science that involves medical care and treatment dealing with problems of old age and senile diseases. Our facilities employ in-house professionals for senile diseases, which is a highly sensitive area for our facilities. It is made sure that the professionals to be hired have experience in senile physiology and psychology, and these professionals are provided with in-house trainings. Administration and follow-up of medications by our staff of nurses specializing in geriatrics and providing in-house doctors with proper information obtained from continuous monitoring of individuals make a great contribution in making the right diagnosis and implementing the right treatment.

The geriatric nurses in our facilities take note of the physiologies of our guests and show sensitivity regarding the medications that should be avoided. They also supervise the self-care provided by elderly caregivers and check the guests’ fluid levels, positions and bodily hygiene. The nurses also monitor aspiration and saturation during self-care, insert urinary catheters and NGS catheters, and implement and follow-up nutrition programs.

Considering elderly care as a whole, our in-house geriatric nurses practicing their professional skills and knowledge in accordance with the facilities’ procedures has a positive contribution in the medical follow-up of our guests during their stay in our facilities and maximize their quality of life.