Outsourced Healthcare Service, Follow-Up and Companionship

Services to be provided by the Private Nursing Homes and Elderly Care Centers opened, operated and closed in accordance with the nursing home regulation of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services and they are provided with the opportunity to benefit from 112 Ambulance service for transfers to hospitals, Family Health Centers and State Hospitals free of charge while offering elderly nursing home services.

However, the mean age of our elderly guests is 80, who are carefully cared for in our nursing home branches located on both the European and the Anatolian Sides of Istanbul. Considering their psychological and physiological sensitivity, it has been determined that the elderly care services received from the public are insufficient in providing a quick response.

Regarding the tests and examinations of our guests, particularly those who have changes in their overall medical condition or who need to be followed up on a routine basis, private laboratories are contracted to ensure rapid diagnoses by specialist doctors.

In cases of hospital discharges for which 112 ambulances do not offer services, we provide services through our contracted private ambulance companies to transfer our guests to the facility or other private hospitals.

In cases where we cannot get services from state hospitals for our guests who are in need of imaging in case of medical emergencies, we use MRI, BT, ultrasound, and similar imaging services from our contracted imaging centers and private hospitals under reasonable conditions to obtain quick results.

As a nursing home, we are capable of rapid diagnosis and treatment processes with our in-house neurologists and internists while we obtain healthcare services from our contracted hospitals for other branches. The services offered by our expert healthcare personnel include diabetes, pressure sores and wound care, NGS and urinary catheter insertion. As it is difficult for our guests to travel to and from physiotherapy centers, physiotherapy service is provided by the in-house physiotherapist of our nursing home.