Şişli VIP Facility

Şişli VIP Facility

Turkey’s First Antibacterial Nursing Home
ASUDE VIP Nursing Home, a first in Turkey, located in Şişli, on the European side of Istanbul, has been specially thought and designed for our guests, every detail of which has been earthquake strengthened. Our branch, located in Şişli hospitals, has a 700 m2 garden as well as a 4200 m2 closed area. The 5th and 6th floors of our branch are as comfortable and comfortable as a 5-star hotel for our guests.

Antibacterial ventilation system in the rooms, VRV air conditioning system, 5 m2 bathroom and WC in each room, wardrobe, television, nightstand, mini fridge, sink, specially designed bed, state-of-the-art nurse call system have been specially prepared. In addition, all items such as PVC flooring, chairs, armchairs and beds used in the rooms are specially painted and specially produced, as well as antibacterial items. In addition, our guests staying on the hotel floors are isolated from the patient floors and lead a peaceful and healthy life in areas where there is no threat to health.

The Comfort of Our Guests is Our Priority!
ASUDE Şişli VIP branch has been designed perfectly and with every detail in mind for the comfort of our guests. There is a common area of 80 m2 on each floor that all our guests can use. In this common area, in addition to social activities, there is an indoor winter garden and common sitting areas for our guests to have a pleasant time. In addition, emergency response equipment is available at the nurse’s counter in this common area in order to be able to intervene immediately in any situation.

Consisting of 9 rooms on each floor of the building, the hotel floors offer a total capacity of 34 rooms on 2 floors. ASUDE Şişli VIP Nursing Home, which provides a clean and hygienic environment at all times, also offers its guests a daily food menu prepared under the control of a dietitian and physiotherapy health services for 24 hours in the presence of experts.

Thanks to the solar energy system, hot water is available 24/7 in rooms and common areas. Our building has been designed with a modern dining hall with a capacity of 110 people, an industrial kitchen design, 2 elevators with a capacity of 8 people and 1 stretcher elevator, considering the comfort of our guests in every aspect. In addition to all these, the automation systems in our building have been designed in accordance with the standards of the “accessibility for the disabled” regulation, taking into account our disabled guests.

Our esteemed guests can also benefit from services such as cafeteria and hairdresser when they need it, in our building where there are also areas such as ablution and prayer room. In our ASUDE Şişli VIP Nursing Home building, which is monitored with 24/7 security systems and where there is a security guard at the entrance, there is a luggage room where our guests can safely store their luggage during their stay, as well as areas such as laundry and ironing room.

In our building, where all kinds of equipment and personnel are available in case of emergency, our guests can also receive doctor and nurse services when they need it during working hours. In addition, our guests staying on the hotel floor have the opportunity to have a pleasant time in the cafeteria when their visitors come.

Special Mobilized Areas for Our Guests with Special Care and Treatment Needs!
The 3rd and 4th floors of our ASUDE Şişli VIP Nursing Home building are designed as semi-mobilized or fully mobilized and specially prepared for our elderly people who need special care due to neurological and internal, namely Geriatrics diseases. In order to ensure air circulation in the cleanest and healthiest way on these floors, VRV air conditioning system and antibacterial systems that keep the rooms at the same temperature are used. In addition, each of the rooms on these floors is protected by filters, creating a safe environment for our elderly people against diseases such as viruses and the like.