Social Psychological Support

Being one of the most important functions of facilities, social psychological support services are provided by social workers to our guests living in nursing homes and elderly care centers, who are defined as members of the disadvantaged group. The support services, which considerably raise the living standards of our guests, involve the services provided during the period when the psychological and sociological old age is eliminated.

Social workers, particularly those who love their profession and work with the ideal of improving the living standards of the elderly, rehabilitate our guests by monitoring them sociologically and psychologically without any discrimination based on culture, morals or beliefs, as they receive humanism education. Additionally, social workers also supervise the work done by healthcare workers and elderly caregivers providing self-care.

As the core of the chain of processes in the elderly care service, the social psychological support service provides maximum positive effect on the health of the guest and the quality of life of their relatives and is fully in line with our facilities’ mission.