Çamlıca Facility


Çamlıca Facility

Planned and built to be purely and simply a nursing home and elderly care center, our 5-storey Çamlıca Nursing Home started admitting elderly guests in June of 2018. The facility rises in a garden of 900 square meters on the outskirts of Büyük Çamlıca Hill, the most “ASUDE” meaning peaceful place on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, which is centrally located in terms of transportation as it has a bus stop in the front and a parking lot for 10 cars at the back from the garden gate on the street side.

The entire basement of the building has been arranged as an administrative department. This floor consists of the directorate, healthcare room, social service room, prayer room, lounge, kitchen, dining hall and WC.

The ground floor has a capacity of 15 beds and consists of palliative care rooms with a bath and a WC. On this floor, the rooms feature an oxygen and aspiration system from a central system. The floor has been designed to provide elderly care services to cancer patients in their terminal stages after intensive care or surgery, terminally ill patients with respiratory diseases or neurological diseases, such as embolism, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer, who have lost their ability to feed naturally.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors have been designed to accommodate elderly guests whose routine medical follow-ups and treatments can be done by specialist doctors in single, double or triple rooms featuring a bath and a toilet. The facility meets all the requirements for a nursing home and elderly care center. In addition, each room in the facility features a bath and a WC, as well as a sound system to broadcast relaxing music for the elderly spending their rest hours in their beds.

The social areas of the facility are monitored with a camera, and there is an infrastructure that allows guest relatives to monitor their elderlies 24/7 if they want.

The building also features a cutting-edge elevator for 6 people operating to all floors of the building and a 55-kilowatt generator to feed power in case of emergencies.

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