Our History

As a group of investors consisting of a doctor, a pharmacist, an operator and sufficient number of nurses, Asude Family started off in 1998 to offer home (onsite) health and care services in order to eliminate the effects on the existing social structure, urbanization and economic levels and to provide home care services to elderlies.

Considering the needs of important business people and social structuring over time, our first facility “Asude Nursing Home and Elderly Care Center” with a capacity of 32 beds was opened in a detached mansion in Beylerbeyi in 2002, with the belief that becoming a corporation would be the key to offering better services.

Growing bigger and trying to meet the demands received, in 2012, our second facility with a capacity of 63 beds was opened in Şişli, Mecidiyeköy.

In 2018, our Beylerbeyi facility was restructured in line withthe needs of the day and started its new life in Çamlıca as a facility with a capacity of 60 beds.

In the meantime, in order to better understand the importance and keep track of the problems of this industry both in our country and in the world and to direct new investments, our current finance manager and family members working in the administrative and purchasing departments wrote their master’s thesis on “Elderly Care” Harvard University in USA and are trying to shed light on this aspect of our industry. These efforts have borne fruit, and today, Asude Facilities are on the verge of important investments such as “Elderly Holiday Village” and “Life Together in the City”.