Social Visit (Free) to the Elderly’s Place after Application to our Facilities​

In case of elderlies with problems related to self-care, medical follow-up and social psychological support in a house environment, or elderlies with neurological or psychological disorders or internal diseases, or elderlies who have lost their spouses and are in need of care but have to live alone as they are old; when it becomes necessary for them to live in a safe environment and get out of the psychology of loneliness and receive professional support, their relatives find themselves in a difficult position and feel the pressure of how they can explain the situation to their mothers, fathers or other elderly relatives. On the other hand, our facilities need information on the level of care needed by the prospective elderly guest, as well as the capacity of the room where the guest will be settled in.

After deciding on admission to our facilities, our social workers pay a visit to our elderly guest in their home, determine the psychological condition of, and the care needed by, the elderly, and inform the relatives accordingly. In line with such findings, our facilities start the procedure for transfer of the elderly to the right floor, the right room and the right circle of friends. Since it is not possible to become successful in the face of instantly changing decisions when trying to persuade their elderlies who have dementia diagnosis, relatives can find themselves in a desperate situation. This is where professionals from our facilities step in and assume this role professionally, and handle the transfer.