Medical Follow-up by our Doctors

Healthcare services in our facilities start before the guest’s admission to the facility. In case the guest is coming from a hospital, before they are discharged from the hospital, a healthcare professional from our facility goes to the hospital where the guest is treated and obtains the necessary information from the guest’s doctor. Prior to discharge from the hospital, the professional also obtains reports from the hospital regarding presence of any infectious diseases or substance addiction, as well as reports on the medical materials and medications used on a routine basis and use of old age diapers.

If the patient needs to be transferred from the hospital to the nursing home in an ambulance, a private ambulance is assigned to the guest, who is then safely transferred to our facility.

Each one of our facilities has an in-house neurologist and an in-house interknit. Since most medical conditions of our guests are also studied by these specialties, our facilities are equipped to conduct in-house tests and plan the treatments. The treatments planned are implemented to the letter and monitored by our geriatric nurses. This service eliminates the disadvantage of traveling from and to hospitals due to simple conditions of our guests caused by old age. Unless there is an important medical emergency, our guests are treated in our facilities under the supervision of our specialist doctors. Besides treatments, our doctors also write reports for time-monitored medications, patient diaper reports and nutrition reports when our guests are staying in our facilities.

The healthcare services provided in our facilities are a positive support to the family, business and social lives of our guests’ relatives and increase their quality of life.